Bengaluru | 21.02.2020 | 04:00 pm ~ 06:00 pm

Mysticism in Karnataka: Saiva, Sufi and Dasa Traditions

In Partnership With

The Courtyard

Led By

Dr Krishna Kolhar Kulkarni
Prof. J. Sreenivasa Murthy
Mr. Devu Pattar

Meeting Time

03:45 PM

Meeting point

The Courtyard, Shanti Nagar

About the Talk

Around the early 15th century in the Karnataka region, we see the formation of the Shivasharana canon and the genesis of the Dasa tradition of poetry and song. This was also the time when migrants from the north diffused Sufi thought through verses in Dakkhani, and contributed to the development of its philosophy. Introducing these spiritual traditions, speakers will be in conversation on how they would have influenced one another, and how we may trace elements of Buddhist, Vedantic and Tantric thought in the vocabulary of bhakti. The Baithak will bring out the diversity of expressions of bhakti, and how it is not reducible to simple definitions.


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