Ahmedabad | 09.02.2020 | 07:30 am ~ 09:00 am

Ahmedabad: Walking Through the 14th Century

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Experience Ahmedabad
Interglobe foundation

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Zalak Tarik Patel

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07:15 AM

Meeting point

Manek Buraj, Ellis bridge

About the Event

Intrigued and impressed by the sight of a hare chasing away a dog,
Sultan Ahmed Shah was convinced about the sue generis attitude of the
citizenry of this town and decided to establish the city of Ahmedabad in the
early 14 th  century on the banks of the Sabarmati. As an ode to the monarch,
we have curated the Ahmedshah Ahmedabad walk with the sole intention
of throwing light on the otherwise forgotten personality. The walk combines
mythology, folklore, history, antiquity and chronology.
The walk would start from the place where the foundation stone of
Ahmedabad was laid. En route, it will cover the first monument built by the
Sultan in Ahmedabad – the Ahmedshahmosque, the fort where he lived,
known popularly as the BhadraFort. In order to fortify the city,
around 21 darwajas were erected along the circumference of the city, the
first being the Teen Darwaja, which too would be included. Covering many
other famous monuments depicting the unsurpassable Islamic style of
architecture en route are the Jama Masjid, which is a medieval mosque
with the distinction of being the largest mosque being constructed in that
era, the Raja no Hajiro or the final resting place of the sultan which has
been converted into a mausoleum. We promise to give you an
uninterrupted spattering of mythological richness by means of providing a
sneak peek on how the city came into being, how did the idea take birth,
how it flourished, how it contributed to the history and how it has
sustained itself without losing its original flavor. And yes the walk would
surely be incomplete without a mention and subsequent visit to the
first Vadilal ice cream parlor of the city


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