Indore | 17.02.2020 | 10:00 am ~ 12:30 pm

Weaving Tradition through Khajoor

In Partnership With

India Curated
Banyan Tree
Interglobe foundation

Led By

Laveena Singawat
Sarda Behen

Meeting Time

09:45 AM

Meeting point

Takali, 1-B, Dhenu Market, 1st Floor, Above Indore Kulfi House, Regal Square, opp. Anand Coolers Indore – 452003

About the Event

Madhya Pradesh, in addition to its abundant forest reserves, is also known for its grasses and date palm trees (locally known as Chhind). Utilizing the naturally and locally available resources, villagers in many districts such as Mandla, Ujjain and Indore, have over time mastered the art of weaving utility and home décor products. The origin of Khajoor craft can be traced back to the daily chore of making traditional jhadoos (brooms). The tradition has been kept alive by the rural artisan communities, the Bagariya and Bharmunda. Having mastered the craft of weaving ancestral and traditional legacy into their contemporary practice, they have ensured that the products meant for daily use also have aesthetic value. 

Over the course of a morning, one such master will engage you in the creation of these handicrafts. This open workshop will equip the participants with a better understanding of the craft by learning about khajoor leaves through folklore and by creating a small item themselves. Through the workshop, they will also be immersed in the history behind the practice and will learn a bit about how social relationships for the communities practicing this art have changed over time and especially over changing market realities.

The venue space and facilities have been provided to us by Takali & Banyan Tree. We urge you to keep the space clean and leave it in the same state as when the workshop began.


This guided tour is free. 



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Please Note

  • You may carry your cameras and notebooks
  • Wear comfortable clothes and carry water
  • You will be working with leaves which can have sharp edges. Basic caution is advised.
  • Medium of the workshop: English and Hindi